A Buxom Bride

The ability to eat well has often been an achievement throughout history in cultures across the globe. That may be why a buxom bride was often sought in many cultures where food might be limited. Women with larger hips, a more pronounced chest, and even those with plenty of curves that are missing from today’s Western models might have been considered more beautiful than those with perfectly symmetrical or stunning facial features.

The ideal wife used to be one able to provide plenty of children for her husband. Wide hips were often considered more beautiful because it was assumed the woman would produce many children. For those looking at chests, the larger ones were thought to be able to provide plenty of nourishment for new-borns. These were seen as a form of beauty in hard times, and there are still cultures today that consider them essential.

Wide hips and protuberant chests were often just the start of beauty in these types of cultures. A curvier woman was often one able to eat well, and it marked her family as one that could provide a beneficial alliance to a prospective groom. He may not have wanted to look at her face, but the rest of her might have been a dream come true.

There are plenty of measures available when it comes to beauty, yet this type of cultural definition is one that defined both the ability to procreate successfully while being attached to a family with resources. It may not be seemly in many modern cultures to define beauty in this manner, yet those needs continue to exist throughout the world.