The Graythwaite Hall Garden - One Of Most Impressive Gardens In UK

The fulfilment of set obligations in one’s career can be very daunting as life can be very demanding in all perspectives. The question of what to drink, what to wear, how to keep up with the fast and trendy developments in our environment and a host of other questions keeps us striving ahead, leaving one no other choice but to pull through to success. It’s only but reasonable to carve out some time to relax and takes things on a slow pace when the atmosphere seems tensed, one of the best things commonly done is taking a vacation and leaving all struggles behind even if it’s only going to be for a very short while. On this note, some people decide to visit places that will get them relaxed, at ease with the environment and the first option before them is planning a visit to a garden.

A garden as its name suggests may just be small space set aside for cultivation, enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Being in such an atmosphere with a calm and peaceful environment is well enough capable to stimulate a soothing feel, some are quiet while others have few domesticated animals wondering freely within its environs. The essence of gardens have been further utilized as it now incorporates a host of other things, both natural and artificial. In recent times, gardens have been further developed and named according to its occupants and usefulness like residential gardens, zoological gardens, botanical gardens and even Zen gardens. Gardens have been known to exhibit some structural enhancements such as fountains, creeks, waterfalls and a host of others.

Dutch Garden

Gardens in the UK stands to be the most visited as they hold a lot of memories and sceneries of both culture and beauty. There are so many gardens in the UK which serves as a one stop venue for tourists,
• Chelsea physic garden; this a garden which is just next to the Thames on Swan Walk in Chelsea. A wall was built around this garden when it was founded by the worshipful society of Apothecaries in 1673 all for their research of medical plants.
• Bodnant Gardens; a well-respected garden built over 150 years ago for the national collection of plants.
• Buscot park; this consist of the four seasons garden, woodland avenues and the water garden.

Tourists love the scenery especially when making explorations through the gardens surrounding the famous eighteenth – century house.

And a host of other gardens like Tresco Abbey gardens, Sissinghurst Castle, topiary Gardens at Levens Hall, Sturhead Gardens, biddulph grange garden and the rest.

One of the best Gardens that picks the fancy of most tourists during vacation is the Graythwaite hall gardens. The Graythwaite hall garden is located just off the A590, midway between Newby Bridge and Hawkshead on the W shore of lake Windermere (at Newby Bridge, Cumbria, England, LA12 8BA).This majestic garden was designed in 1889 by a man named Thomas Mawson of Windermere, a renowned garden designer who was born in 1861 at Scorton in Lancashire. His first commission was to build a garden around the Graythwaite hall, he did a wonderful job by designing a spring phenomenon with rhododendrons, azaleas and spring flowering shrubs. This gardens have beautiful gates crafted by a famous designer Dan Gibson, arboretum being planted west of the pond for commemorating family marriages and births, and beautiful constructs of woods which provided settings for Beatrix Potter’s Fairy Caravan.

The Graythwaite hall holds a lots of history as it is the home of the Sandys family. It should be noted that the gardens is not opened to the public for an everyday viewing or otherwise an event viewing, the garden is only open to exploring visitors and tourists form April until around mid-August. It is very important to know that under no circumstance will the hall be opened to the public, it’s a highly restricted area. The hall is said to have being in existence since the 17th century, further extension work was later carried out in the 18th century before a major renovation in the 1840. This major renovation in 1840 gave it a finishing touch, a view considered to be a Victorian Gothic – Style Manor House.

In further study of the garden, the once before lifeless span of land reaching about 7 acres of land was developed into a garden with wonderful scenery which has always picked the interest of the visitors. A beautiful and well-constructed garden of about 28,000m2 has its best view in late spring, this is the period when the rhododendrons and azaleas bloom. The ornamental gate made of iron at the immediate entrance of the Formal gate holds another special fancy, a pure work of art being designed by a local architect Dan Gibson. His professional capacity can be seen in other projects like the design he made of the house at Brockhole near Windermere. The marvels of this exotic garden cannot be over emphasized as the beautiful and fanciful woods that graced the Graythwaite hall gardens are uncommon. The fanciful woods surrounding the estate were a walking spot for William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth was a man regarded as a renowned English poet who launched the “romantic age: in English alongside the popular Samuel Taylor Coleridge. William was born on the 7th of April, 1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland, England and died at age 80 in England. The gardens today can be said to be a conceptual blend of formal and informal woodland set.

A view of the gardens in the spring magnifies the purpose and beauty of the structure laid by Thomas Mawson of Windermere, the purpose of planting the Rhododendrons and azaleas with the flowering shrubs provides a mix of primary colours which is so revealing mostly at spring time. It is seen that the rhododendron in its varying mix blends the ornamental trees and many flowering shrubs that are in the garden which makes the mix more appealing to the eyes. During the summer, about 20,000 other home grown season flowers in the garden burst forth in beauty making the beautiful parkland a beauty to behold.

Graythwaite Hall Cottage
Pet Cemetery
Graythwaite Gardens
Graythwaite Hall Cottage


The Graythwaite estate is known to be a privately run estate in the Lake District, so many visitors from different works of life come visiting the Graythwaite hall garden during their respective holiday periods and definitely live far away. Accommodation is very essential before planning for long distant visits, it is therefore important to factor in accommodation expenses alongside general expenses. A lot of hotels and cottages are nearby to accommodate you spanning the duration of your visit to the prestigious garden. The Cottages are listed below.

• Hullet Hall; this is a detached cottage built beside Lake Windermere on the Graythwaite Estate, Cumbria. With a three bedroom to six people ratio. This has a one en – suite king-size double and two twins designed for six comes with a bathroom, a kitchen with dining area and a sitting room with a wood burner facility and everything needed to make your stay a delight.

• Field Head Cottage; this is a detached barn conversion which is situated in the village of Hawkshead near Ambleside. Its facility is designed to accommodate six people in four bedrooms. This is a super king sized double room with two singles as well as two bathrooms. It also has facilities like kitchen with breakfast table, shower room, sitting room with an open fire, dining room and other major facilities that will bring comfort to your stay.

• Keepers cottage; this is one of the detached cottages situated on the Graythwaite estate near Hawkshead. It’s a superb detached cottage buikt on a 5000 – acre Graythwaite Estate and can contain up to 10 people in one king sized double with en – suite, one double and three twin rooms. If has additional shower rooms too with kitchen ,sitting room, dining room, and wood burning stove.

There are also some hotels nearby that can add to the beautiful experience, they are also listed below:
• Storrs hall Hotel; this is a spectacular hotel which is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lake District. The hotel which is a grade II Georgian Mansion offers the most exciting experience for those who loves luxury. The interiors of the luxurious hotel are being decorated in Old – English format and style which stimulates comfort with elegance. The bedrooms are very spacious and luxurious with big beds and beautifully designed bathrooms incorporated with every desired modern comfort.
• Lakeside Hotel; a hotel in Newby Bridge with a distinct view of the water’s edge. The luxurious hotel has a 17 meter pool and spa which the residents of the hotel can enjoy. With the furnished bedrooms, restaurants, a view of the lake with fine dining, it is guaranteed to make your stay a pleasurable one. It should be noted that the hotel strictly operates a non – smoking policy.
• Landing cottage guest house; this is an historic hotel in Lakeside Cumbria in Lake District. Located in a peaceful hamlet in lakeside, it provides services that can be considered value for money and has a superb customer care service. A hotel being built very close to the shores of Lake Windermere and about 100 meters from the lake Aquarium, its situated uniquely to explore many other facilities which might be of interest.

There are also some near bed and breakfast houses that can be patronized on short visits, like the
• Knoll Country house
• The cuckoo brow
• Brooklands and other newly developed facilities for your general comfort.
A visit to the Graythwaite Hall Gardens is always a memorable event that will be remembered for a long time.