Western Beauty Today

While a good definition of beauty has always been symmetrical features, this is not necessarily the only measure in any culture. Western beauty today has often been defined in magazines and advertisements. The current ideal for women appears to be tall, very thin, and even sharp features that can be accented for a particular look. This does not necessarily define what every Westerner of today believes is beauty, but it does sell many items.

The need to be very thin is partly a technical issue. Cameras for still photos and even moving shots tend to add weight to the person being pictured. Models and actors have found they are perceived as more marketable when they are thinner. It is their edge on beauty to get the jobs they want, so they may practice extreme dieting and exercise to maintain that particular look.

Stunning facial features have also become important. There are few people born with eyes that stand out, yet many models have found ways to enhance their eyes through the use of makeup. They may go with bold outlines, and they can also use coloured contact lenses to help intensify this feature. It is just one of the ways they can look more beautiful to prospective clients to obtain work.

Puffy lips have begun to be considered an attractive feature today, and medical intervention can help. Models with average lips that might be considered beautiful by many may resort to having injections to help their lips stand out. This type of medical assistance is increasing in the modern world of beauty when it comes to being a model or an actress trying to maintain a career as an icon of beauty.